What is CytReg?

CytReg is a manually curated database of literature-derived interactions between transcription factors (TFs) and cytokine genes determined using functional assays (e.g. reporter assays), in vivo binding (e.g. chromatin immunoprecipitation), and by in vitro DNA binding (e.g. EMSA).

PubMed literature was mined for articles related to interactions 133 cytokine genes and 1431 TFs found by 3 broad protein-DNA interaction assay categories (functional assays, in vivo, and in vitro binding assays). From this analysis, 6,878 articles and 815 articles from other databases were collected for a manual curation process. Cytreg contains 1,552 interactions (843 in human. 647 in mouse, and 62 in other species) between the regulatory regions of 113 cytokine genes and 213 TFs.

Interactions between TFs and cytokine genes of interest can be searched in Cytreg, including filtering by species (human or mouse), and TF expression levels in immune cells. The selected interactions can then be visualized as table with links to Uniprot reporting gene function or to publications. Additionally, the data can be visualized as a network connecting TFs and target cytokine genes or downloaded as a csv file.

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This work was supported by the National Institutes of Health to JFB (R00 GM114296 from the NIGMS).